June batch is open. Join BlueWave Labs to supercharge your career.

We build software with the best minds

BlueWave Labs engages you in computer technology, integrating into active project teams where you gain firsthand experience in developing real-world products.

How it works


Vetting process

We vet volunteers with at least 3 years of development (2 in UI/UX) experience.
  • Show us your background
  • Tell us about your experience
  • Let's discuss what you're going to build

Get training and tools

We provide you with the right tools, direction, mentoring and project management services.
  • All tools and servers readily available
  • A custom training program for you
  • Mentoring & career support

Develop a real product

BlueWave Labs members work on a real product with a modern stack.
  • Work on frontend or backend
  • Build a great user interface and experience
  • Market your product with content
Work with Teams

Develop industry-grade applications

Build cutting edge, modern apps and platforms

Using modern frameworks, start building web and mobile apps. We will help with the content, SEO and marketing of the product to help you mention about it in your resume.

Be the owner of your product

Working at least 20 hours a week, own, manage and be responsible of your product - after all, it will be what you are going to brag about in your next job interview.

Meet with your team members physically

We arrange regular meetings so you can experience a hybrid working area. Engage more in physical meetings.


Build your network with mentored product development

Our product building process is interactive, practical and actually fun.

You learn directly from mentors at top technology companies and build business skills that accelerate your career.

This will help find your next job easily, while you are working on hands-on products, not personal projects.

Get Continuous training

Improve your soft and technical skills with training programs

Improve your resume and interviewing skills

Get training about how to write a winning resume, tips and tricks to rank higher and methods to get hired during your interview.

Get technical training in your expertise

Whether you want to learn something new, or improve your current skills, we devise a personalized training roadmap for you in development, UI/UX, product and project management areas.

Why join BlueWave Labs?

Work hands on and collaborate with other professionals

Whether you are a developer, marketer, product manager or UI/UX designer, there is always a good fit for you in the team. 

1st of July 0

Start date of new batch of product development teams

Continuous education program

Get Udemy's education for free, with both soft skills and technology tracks tailored to your career targets. One of your KPIs will be to get a certification in 3 months.

We follow agile practices

Continuous improvement is important to us - this requires through regular retrospectives, enabling teams to reflect on their processes and make adjustments accordingly.

Physical meetings

All team members (6-8 people) get together monthly and discuss the ongoing process of the product they are working on.

Get a reference letter

We reward high performance: Our reference letter serves as a testament to your skills, achievements, and work ethic, helping you in your job search and demonstrating your credibility to employers. We are honest in our letters.

We work with industry leading tools and libraries

We use and benefit from globally recognized open source technologies, libraries and databases. This helps our developers focus on the technical skills the companies want.


Gain Canadian experience by working on products, with support from brilliant mentors.

Apply now if you are in IT sector with at least 2 years of hands-on experience in development, or 2 years of experience in UI/UX or 2 years of experience in product management.

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BlueWave Lab Cybersecurity Development Program is open